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Temple Membership consists of all individuals that have formally joined the Temple under the premise that they attend as many Esbat and Sabbats as they can.  These members are entitled to attend all socials, rituals (except Initiations) courses and workshops offered through the Temple. Members may decide to register for membership within the Correllian Tradition with whom the Temple holds its allegiance.

Levels of Tradition Membership

Temple members that register with the Tradition are considered Outer Court members of the Tradition.  All Outer court members of our Temple must enroll for the Living the Wiccan Life Course which provides a good grounding in our practices.  

Dedicants are students who have dedicated a year and a day of study in order to apply for First degree Priest/ess status. If after this period, a dedicant does not qualify to apply for Clergy or the Clergy application is declined, the student can continue on to study the next degree but will revert back to Outer Court member status within the Temple and Tradition.

Clergy members are Temple members who hold First, Second or Third degree Priest/ess status within the Temple and Correllian Tradition.

High Priesthood are Temple members who hold Third Degree Priest/ess status within the Temple and Correllian Tradition.


Membership Requirements

      • Members are required to attend gatherings regularly in order to remain active.
      • Members agree to join our mailing-list and WhatsApp group.

Benefits of Membership

    • Learn more about Wicca and Paganism        
    • Socialize in a safe environment with like minded people 
    • Attend regular Esbat and Sabbat Rituals
    • Outer Court Membership to the Correllian Tradition        
    • Enroll for real-time or correspondence training in First, Second & Third degree Correllian Wicca  
    • Obtain clergy status through an established Wiccan Tradition designated as a Religious Organisation in South Africa.
    • Apply for Marriage Officer status through the Correllian Nativist Tradition South Africa (CNTSA) once 2nd Degree Clergy status has been obtained.