Order of the Tcheft

The Order of Tcheft is a Chartered order of the Correllian Tradition and is open to all members.  The Order is dedicated to cooking, baking, creating and the sharing of recipes primarily for Esbats, Sabbats and Rites of Passage.   The goals of the Order are to bring individuals with the love of cooking and baking together to exchange recipes that can be adapted for various ritual gatherings.

The Order is named after the Goddess Isis, in her aspect of the Goddess Tcheft, Goddess of Food offered to the Gods.

Membership Requirements:
Members of this Order are required to submit at least two recipes every month.
At least one recipe must be tried and tested every two months.
Active participation is imperative.
Members are required to participate regularly by means of our Facebook page.

Members may buy the Order patch which is worn on the left side of the stole to indicate membership.

Patches are R50 each excluding postage.

To enquire about membership please contact us.

Apply for Membership Here