We are a formal Temple of the Correllian Tradition and give allegiance to the Tradition and its leadership. We teach Correllian beliefs and traditional skills to members and students, both in the Craft and in kindred paths; and where appropriate to educate the general public about Wicca.

We exist to provide a place for Pagans to learn about and participate in the Wiccan religion, specifically the Correllian Tradition.

Our Clergy are dedicated to advancing the Wiccan religion and community, particularly but not exclusively Correllian Wicca.

We host rituals on the Sabbats and Esbats and other special occasions, in order to celebrate the seasons, work magic, recognize rites of passage, and honor the Lord and the Lady.
Our members have fully committed themselves to our purpose in their beliefs, their actions, and their lives.

Ours is a closed court Temple, but guests are welcome at our public ceremonies or upon invitation. It requires no great commitment to attend and share the joy of the Lord and Lady.
We do not accept the existence of “absolute evil”, nor do we worship any entity known as Satan or the Devil as defined by the Christian tradition. Our only animosity toward any other religion or philosophy is to the extent where its teachings claim singular superiority and seek to deny or suppress the freedom to practice any other belief system. We as a Temple do not seek to proselytize.

We are a family, brothers and sisters of our own choosing. As such, we support each other in our faith as well as in our personal lives. We strive toward the ideal of perfect love and perfect trust within our Clan.

Our members are enjoined to:

  • Live in a manner which honors the Lord and Lady, following the Wiccan Rede; “Do as you will, but harm none.”
  • Explore and practice Wiccan beliefs and traditions, with a primary focus on the traditions of the High-Correll family.
  • Support one another within the Temple in our healing, growth, and aspirations.
  • Honor the earth and all Her creatures as sacred, and work to heal and protect the environment within our community, throughout our nation, and around the world.
  • Respect our Pagan Clergy, especially but not exclusively Correllian Wiccan clergy.