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The Clan of Kheper Temple is a Clergy Application processing Temple of the Correllian Tradition.  

In addition to completing all the degree course requirements, the following is also required:

• Certified copy of South African ID.
• Background Check – takes 2-4 days OR Police Clearance Certificate – takes about 3 weeks so please initiate this application 2-4 weeks before you intend to apply for clergy status. (How to apply for Police Clearance Certificate)
• Clergy fee – payable into the Clan of Kheper Temple bank account (details will be sent to you upon approval).


Applicants need to complete the Clergy Application Form. This document can be requested directly from the Temple. The completed form must be returned, along with a copy of your ID and police clearance certificate / background check consent form and payment for processing.  All information is kept strictly confidential.

Once your application is approved you will be sent a payment request for the clergy fee. Once your payment has been received your Clergy Certificate will be sent to you and you will be registered with the Records office of the Tradition.

Application Fees payable by EFT:

  • R350 – 1st Degree Clergy
  • R750 – 2nd Degree Clergy
  • R1000 – 3rd Degree Clergy
  • R450 Background Check for SA Clergy / Police Clearance +- R400 incl. courier.

Failure to send forms and fee to the above will result in delay of processing until such is received.