As a Correllian Temple, the Clan of Kheper Temple follows the Correllian Degree system which is the Three Degree system of Traditional Wicca.

In taking the Correllian lessons you must understand that you are not just learning some interesting things about magic and Pagan religion, you are undertaking a spiritual journey. If you apply the things you are taught and persevere in your studies, it will change you on the deepest levels of your being; you will learn about parts of yourself that you may never have known existed (your Higher Self, your Astral body, your Chakras and your aura, to name only a few), master psychic skills you’ve only read about or seen in movies (clairvoyance, divination, psychometry and many more) and, learn how to use magic to take control of your very Destiny. You will develop strengths you do not now know that you have and you will in time face your deepest fears; and vanquish them.

Wicca is a path of transformation and growth which will challenge you and lead you to a renewed and enriched existence. Of course you don’t necessarily get all of this just from the lessons. You have to do the work, and you need to continue your studies beyond just the First Degree to master all this. But these lessons will build a strong base to grow from.

As Clergy is an intermediary between Deity and humankind, the Correllian Tradition holds that all people are inherently Clergy because of the presence of Deity within them, and need no further intermediary for their personal needs. This is why any Correllian may have a Recognized Personal Shrine. However, it is one thing to be Clergy for oneself as a personal manifestation of the Divine, and another thing to be Clergy for others as a representative of the Tradition. The former requires only the presence of Deity within, and answers only to that presence. The latter requires training and recognition by the Tradition, and is answerable to its standards.

The First Degree constitutes the lowest degree of initiated Priesthood, but First Degree Clergy are understood to be still in the process of learning their role as Clergy. Second Degree Clergy, once initiated, are expected to know and be confident of their role, as it is the Second Degree which often handles much of the running of a Temple or Shrine.

First Degree Clergy are expected to still have many questions – Second Degree Clergy are expected to be able to answer all but the most difficult of them. Consequently it behooves the Priesthood of the Second Degree to be as well informed as possible. Also, many Second Degree Clergy will choose a particular area in which to specialize their vocation. This specialization is not required, but is strongly recommended. The Second Degree Cleric may choose one, or several specialties to focus on, and these may change with time. Thus one might specialize in ritual work, psychic work, healing, teaching, or any of many possibilities. These specialties may be pursued through private study, and in some cases Orders exist within the Correllian Tradition that one may join to further the study of one’s specialty. In keeping with this, the Second Degree Lessons are both longer and more in-depth than the First Degree Lessons. They are intended to give you a well-rounded magical education, building upon your foundation as a First Degree, as well as to familiarize you with many of the options for specialization which are open to you.

The Third Degree are the High Priesthood of the Tradition. As such Third Degree are the guardians of the Tradition’s honor and integrity. Honor and integrity are very important to the Correllian Tradition. Where the Third Degree lead the other Degrees follow, and this puts a great responsibility on the members of the Third Degree. The Third Degree Priesthood are and must be the moral backbone of the Tradition if the Tradition is to remain true to itself and retain the Mandate of Heaven. The primary duties of the Third Degree may be said to be three. Each of these three duties is essential to the maintenance and progress of our Tradition. These duties are teaching, transformative energy work, and oracular work.