We are a fully chartered Correllian Temple open to individuals that wish to learn about Wicca as well as those who are looking to join a formal group for Esbats and Sabbats.

Our Temple home is based in Parklands, Cape Town where the majority of our lessons and gatherings take place.

While we encourage all our members to consider Correllian membership, you are not required to become a member of our Tradition in order to be a member of our Temple; you also do not have to participate in formal Correllian studies.

The only requirement we have is that you respect the tenets of our Temple and Tradition and that through membership you seek to grow, heal and challenge yourself spiritually with the guidance, help and love of kindred spirits, your fellow coven members, all of whom are diverse in age, training and Pagan beliefs.

Should you however be interested in joining a Tradition, we do offer Correllian Training.  You can earn your First, Second and Third Degree in Correllian Wicca or you can do our equivalent of Wicca 101. We also offer a variety of other Correllian courses and courses not specific to the Correllian Tradition.

We are a spiritual family, our members respect each other and care about each other’s well-being, thus it is important to us that new members are able to fit into our Coven dynamic and that all members share the same if not similar vision for the Coven.

If our Temple resonates well with you at this time on your spiritual journey, please read through our membership page for more detailed information.

As of the year 18 Aquarius (2018), our Coven is operating as a closed court Temple.  This means that while we are still open to accepting new members, we will only consider those that are serious about coven / temple membership to join our open rituals at any given time, and unless stated otherwise, our gatherings are no longer open to the public.   Membership is strictly at the discretion of the Temple Council.  Interested parties are encouraged to complete our guest form and then to join our Coven Moots to meet up with our members before requesting membership.