Order of the Water Witch

The Order of the Water Witch is a Chartered Order of the Correllian Tradition open to all members that have a keen interest or skill in dream interpretation.

Together we learn the craft of dream analysis and dreamwork. Through this study we are able to observe the symbolism in our dreams and how it relates to the conscious and subconscious mind and ultimately our connection with the Divine in this incarnation.

We aim to inspire individuals from all walks of life, to seek the hidden meaning of their dreams, to listen to their dreams and as such, to come to know themselves. their shadows and their guides.

The symbol of our order is the dragonfly, also commonly known as the dragonfly.

Membership Requirements:
– Members of this Order are required to submit at least one article of information relating to the subject of dreams or to post one dream for interpretation every month.
– Active participation is imperative in order for the Order to remain active and all members should attempt to contribute to the interpretations given to the group.
– Members are required to participate regularly by means of our Facebook page.

Members may purchase the Order patch which is worn on the left side of the stole to indicate membership.

Patches are R80 each excluding postage.

To enquire about membership please contact us.

Apply for Membership Here